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Yes, yes, yes, amen and amen to El Shaddai "I AM" Rabbinical Halakhah -
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Seven Biblical Names of God --> Note: The rules here apply to any of the "construct" or derived form of these Names as well, e.g., Yah for Y-H-V-H, or Adonai Tzeva'ot, El Shaddai, etc. In general, if it is a Hebrew Name of God found in the Tanakh, these rules will apply.
There are AWESOME things written in Hebrew and Greek for those who seek.
I myself am a personal witness and testimony to the power of His Hand.

When I was a young child, I was almost NEVER well.
If there was a cold
or a flu
or a virus
or mumps
or broken bones
or blue bruised flesh all over my body... I HAD IT!

Today, I have not had a SINGLE cold, flu, virus of any type for over 12 years praise God.

If I am delivered a broken bone, then the Lord Heals it by hands and faith.
We either believe Him, or not...
The Lord is finished with the enemy attacking our bodies.

Some will testify, "Well... you almost DIED in Kona, what's up with that?"

My response to these accusers are simple,
There is a hidden 13th commandment and it states:
In case you might not be able to prove this 13th commandment,
I would suggest going to the local drug supplier,
get a whole tank of it, and breathe it IN AND OUT!
It won't take the body long to figure out that
Sulfur Dioxide Poison will beat the tar out of your body.

Try scrambling left brain cells with a nice touch of gravel...
then toss in just a hint of egg and cheese and a local piece
of used gum.
I am not a cook, I am still learning that one.
But my first inclination would be that it does not
sound like a very tasty meal.

Here is my point, God puts BRAIN cells back together too!
There is no piece of the body that is too tough for Him
to fix because He is the one that created it in the first place!

Faith of a mustard seed will move MOUNTAINS!
And Jesus was "AMAZED" at this centurion's faith...

I would REALLY like to know what amazes Jesus Christ

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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