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Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
The heart of King David in the Psalms is ONE INCREDIBLE testimony.
He is a warrior, a fighter and he shares his heart with the God of all creation.

Being a young follower of Jesus Christ, I FOUND that treasure
in the middle of the field.
Well, as the adage goes, if we pray for patience...
we might think that through first.
The power of our tongue is amazing (Genesis, Proverbs AND MORE!).

So I get this really bright idea as a young follower/warrior
of my Lord Jesus
I mused to myself, Wow! If David had a heart after God himself
then I would like to HAVE one of those!
Now THAT to me was ONE amazing treasure.

If I remember right, I think the Lord said...
"Be quick to listen and slow to speak".

But no, not me, my tongue QUICKLY prayed for one of THOSE hearts!
The Psalms and Job would describe my life pretty well.

The NEXT item on the list was to: DWELL/ABIDE!

I really did not know the road I was going towards...
And I can almost hear God smiling at me and saying....
"My son... Are you AWARE of what you are
believing for? This "heart?"

His voice did not say a Word, but I know He smiled...
Then off we go together through this massive journey of persecution
and wars
and false testimony
and on...and on...

I am known all over the world and yet people have the nerve to tell me..."There is no record of that!"
That is just about the funniest thing to listen to...
Of course there is a record of that!

If there is any part of my testimony that anyone test...
or bring into question..., I have MANY MANY witnesses everywhere!

Which brings me back to the Lord's voice in Luke 12:42-49.
If the Lord gives us a "little" bit, use it how He want's to,
not us! This is NOT about ME ME ME ME...

How do the sheep on the team get separated? I am so glad you asked that!
a) Luke 12:42-44 --> BLESSED
b) Luke 12:45 --> I don't need any oil right now because
the boss won't be in town for awhile and ME is going to have some fun!.
c) Luke 12:47 --> Whatever, I know the boss is coming and I really don't care.
d) Luke 12:48 --> This verse takes a whole sermon, but here is the short of it...
If we did not know the boss was coming, fine.
HOWEVER! Those who are given much, much is required...
And this is not really about cash and credit cards because
God already owns all the money and the universe and the heavens.

Again! We need to ask Jesus about this parable...
For those who happen to fit into the category of:
--> Luke 12:45-47 then we find then YES, it is about
cash, credit cards, dollar bills and the stuff hidden under the mattress.

For those found in Luke 12:42-44 there is no money involved at all.

I send you out as sheep among wolves...when I sent you out did you ever lack anything?
For these followers, we suffer MUCH with Christ because we grieve with Him...
And in Luke 12:49 we find that the Holy Spirit is sooooo grieving...
and MUST return shortly.
Oohhh God, forgive us, as we grieve with you.

You may not understand this parable,
but it is a big key to how to find favor with God.

THEN! Check out
Gal 5:1
Col 1:12
Heb 3:1
Mat 13:15
Mark 4:11

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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