Jesus is misunderstood...
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
If you don't know who Jesus Christ is...

Jesus is NOT complicated.
Jesus Christ did not hang out with a bunch of people at church who were already "pretty good".

Jesus liked to hang out with people who kept screwing things up
and would tell them that everything was ok if they were able to trust that
He came here in person to say "Hey, it's OK my friend, I REALLY like you!

He said that if we BELIEVED that He already took care of all our screw-ups
for you and me, then we would RELAX and say "WOW".

There is nothing more amazing than to understand that Jesus REALLY wants to be our best friend!"

How can we be so sure of that?
Take a look at your best friend...
Does he have your back...or not...
Jesus wants to be your best friend and He will ALWAYS have your back!
That's pretty awesome.

We have been given His personal phone number, the text number, the ipod number...

He can be contacted at any time...

If you need help and this is you...
and you believe that Jesus has accepted you as His personal friend,
and has already taken care of all the details of your life...

Pray this prayer to Jesus Christ...
Who created all the stars in the sky

"Lord Jesus Christ, I really believe you came here
to be my best friend"
"I need your help and and truly believe"
"that you are there for me"
"I really believe that you came here and
died for my sins and screw-ups...and" "thank you Jesus, I confess you as Lord of my life"
"and I will follow you"

"In the name of Jesus Christ, amen... amen..."

If this is you, and you prayed this prayer,
we can send a helpful gift to you.
Send an email to
with a phone number and we will contact you.
God has Blessed you with NEW things for your life

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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