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I ... QUIT!
Heaven is AMAZING!

Outside of the Holy Temple is a huge universe. I had traveled across it with my best friend Susan.

What is really cool about Heaven is that there is SO much to see,
so Susan and I kept going to these different places and we were always amazed by everything we saw.

Then it was really funny because everytime we went somewhere we always would say...
"Wow! We have to remember THIS place because we should come back here again".

But everytime we did that, we traveled to another place that was even more amazing.

Then we would say that same thing all over again
and we never returned to the previous one because
each new place was even more amazing.
If you like to travel, THIS is the place to be!

What is the Holy Temple like? Even MORE amazing!

There are are 2 HUGE angels standing on gaurd at the main front gate.

These guys were warrior angels and reminded me of something similar with the British gaurds that have those fuzzy hats.

They do not look anything like that, but they reminded me of them because nothing would faze them.
You could have tickeled them on the nose and not affected them because they were on duty (and they LOVE their job).

There was nothing for them to protect but the Lord enjoys His angels and He posted them there.

I did not pay much attention to them however, because inside was captivating.
There are 2 round doors that never open or close and I did not glance at them because I wanted to go inside.

Inside was brilliant light. God was towards the back of the Temple and far too bright to make out.
But I saw Jesus Christ on His throne.

The brillance of the Light made it to difficult so see Him clearly
from the distance of the entry, but His Face and Form were obvious.

Walking through the Temple was fascinating.

I had entered alone, and there was a guy to my left and another guy over on the right.
There were only 3 of us in the Temple at that particular time.
Walking is just like it is on earth, but our feet don't actually touch or feel gravity,
so it is a floating sensation as you walk.

It is effortless to walk, but even cooler is that it is a VERY slow pace inside the Temple.
The Majesty of God Himself is so touching, that we naturally approach slowly.

As we approach, there is a river to the right.
You could only tell it was a river from the ripples on the top.
You can see to the bottom because the water itself looks like glass.

What we are walking on is also a clear gold glass, but I was immediatly fascinated by this Tree on the right side of the river.

I did not go over there, but it was filled with a whole bunch of fruit of many kinds.

It IS the Tree of Life where we go to eat. I wish I knew how to paint.

I slowly approach the Lord, but it was time to go.

I was disappointed at having to leave so quickly
but there were other things the Lord wanted me to see.

And I saw our homes and many other things.

It would be easier to paint what I saw than describe it.

I have many dreams and visions.

"Ohhhhhh, our God is MIGHTY!"

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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