Are you really READY for the BIG-TIME?
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!

I am beat up, damaged, bruised and my team-mates did not seem to be helpling at all.

This is where we all just wanted to go home and wonder to ourselves why even play at all?

The VERY first thought at half-time is...:
"How come those basket weavers are sitting home having a great time and I am out here on the field?"

It was the basket weavers watching on TV that did not qualify to even play in this league,
but the temptation to take a job like that was very high.

Coach gathers us together in the locker room and begins to speak...
"Get back out there because you have ALREADY won the game..."

I have faith in you because you are my BEST players.

The team needed me.
They had already made it to the land flowing with milk and honey.
They had been undefeated all season.

These are the latter days at the End of the Age. TODAY!
In reality, I did want to return to the game at all.
This was a bonus challenge.

God KNOWS I like challenges.

The strategy for the path to victory was simple on paper.
Step 1, dust off Coaches manual and study every play in the Book.
Step 2, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE “DOING” the commands in the Book.
Step 3, work hard getting my body and mind back into shape until my Armor actually FITS nicely.
Step 4, SHARPEN UP THAT Sword, I’m going to need it.
Step 5, work “efficiently”.
There is not a whole lot of time to prepare, and the mountains of
Manasseh have a lot trees to chop down and brush to clear (Joshua 16:18).

Step 6, after the land has been cleared, stand quietly before God and prepare for battle.

I listen quietly as He explains His Strategy in detail ...(Isaiah 45:1-7).
I sat up straight and listened even deeper when He came to verse 4.
He called me Vil-Yam. The m has a hummm to it in Hebrew, so it sounds more like Vil-Yammm.

When the Lord finished, He paused
(Selah), then continued in Joshua 3:4.

He told me to wait, watch and follow, because I had never passed
this way before and the Lord Himself would lead me.

The plans of a man are many, but it is the Lord who directs his steps.

(Selah) The Lord himself would personally lead so that I would have confidence in the way I should go. (selah)
He continued, “Clean yourself, wash, be cleansed, set yourself apart from all things of the world,
all things of the flesh, for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5)

Ohhh.... God is MIGHTY!
It is not hard to feel and know the power of Almighty God, and then we tremble at His feet,
not only for WHO He is, but WHAT He did for us.

I have already been to Heaven and back, but it is difficult to describe the POWER of His Hand or Breath.

I think the best way to desribe Him is to challenge people to go count
all the pieces of sand on the earth,
or go count all of the stars of the
universe and try to remember their names. (Joshua 3:13-14)

Ok Then!
So the Lord breathed and so it was...(Joshua 3:13-14)
Half time is over and I am fired up!
(Joshua 3:3)
(Romans 3:17)

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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