Are you really READY for the BIG-TIME?
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
3 years later...

I was finally ready to venture out “on my own”.
Just me, with God watching over me.
I didn’t realize all the recovery processes I had to go through, and it was obvious to everyone around me.
I had much more recovery ahead of me.

I rented the lower portion of a beautiful home on a lake with the sensual name of “Lake Desire” in the Fairwood area of Renton, WA.
As far as I was concerned, my “career” was over and it was time to “retire”.
(The plans of a man are many, but it is the Lord who directs his steps).

I would then catch some fish and wait for the Good Lord to take me back home, whenever He was ready for me.
Ummm…, NOT!
I "chose" to come back here and retirement is not an option.

It was really just more of the Lord’s REHAB program “disguised”
so that I would not know I was still in rehab.

Is that a brain teaser? God is so good!

So there I am in rehab without knowledge that I am in anything at all.
It takes a long time for brain cells to grow back.
Coach says to rest awhile (), and go ahead and go fishing if desired.

Besides, He knew I wasn’t even halfway through rehab,
and my brain had no clue. But I LOVED His treatment center. He gives AWESOME gifts.
Then it became all about beer, fishing and football. I really don't know what people do when they retire, but that was my first guess!

Now THERE’s a great idea for a guy with a brain injury on drugs.

Can anyone say “Not all there yet?”

So there I am in rehab, still studying the Coaches manual,
but mostly fishing and drinking beer.
I was pretty much just all alone, just me,
the still waters,
the fish,
Coach would pop-in on me often helping me through it all.

He would whisper things like…”Don’t be drunk on wine, rather be filled with the Holy Spirit”.

He would tell me a LOT of things, show me a lot of things.

I have many many dreams and many visions.

I did not have a lot of “revelation” during this last rehab.
This was more about brain tissue recovery.

Coach wants me to keep studying. He wants me back in the game.
He keeps telling me I am the most valuable player on the team.
I have to admit, after getting smashed up and pulverized by the Wolverines for 36 years,
my first two choices were fishing or basket weaving.

My career did NOT have an appearance of a “Joyful Welcome Back” party.

Then one day, I am out in the boat fishing, and the Lord is whispering
in my ear, my cell phone is ringing and my Dad is calling on the phone while I try to answer.

TRY to do THAT on your while taking your doctors prescriptions.

goes the phone PLOP! goes the fish.
Now I know that men like to brag about how big the fish was that got away.

Do not be deceived by this fish story. This fish REALLY IS a well known fish in that lake that nobody can catch.
The people I know there all would like to catch this particular fish.
Maybe someday I will go back there again and catch him again.

So here I am trying to multi-task ALL these things at the same time,
with a brain injury,
on drugs,
drinking beer,
while standing in an unstable boat.

So I deal with the Lord first about the “beer”… “Yeah, yeah Lord, hold on a sec,
I’ve just hooked the biggest fish and my phone is ringing, I’ll get back to you on that.”

The boat starts to rock a little and the phone bobbles in my hand, then “plops” over the side,
into the lake and to the bottom where it becomes permanently “never seen again”.
I notice that my fishing line has gone limp.
Yep, it unhooked itself while I was distracted.

So I sat down in the quietness of everything,,, Finished the last of my beer and reached for another, but the beer was gone.

I was out of beer, my big fish, my phone and now NO fish were biting.

NEXT, I have to move out of my lake house, but I could find and afford nothing.

NEXT, a 17 year old teenager "texter" girl crashes and totals my car on I-405.

NEXT, I move to a place that someone burned down and stole what was left of the property that survived.

NEXT, I move to my parents RV and ...obviously ...retirment was over.

Looking back, I can almost hear the Lord “sigh” and roll His eyes
at me while shrugging His shoulders.

So, the good Lord, in all His Glorious and Mighty Wisdom, changes tactics!...

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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