Are you really READY for the BIG-TIME?
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!

I was "killed" on "impact".
ONE YEAR LATER! I found my painted body on the side of the road (during re-hab)
(Yep, you watch TV and the CIS guys paint dead bodies).
For me, it was a day in the life of many days. Selah.
So the death impact took off the left side of my skull.
After two hospital ICU's they finally accepted me into Harborview Medical Center where they performed
"OPEN BRAIN SKULL SURGERY" Lucky for the doc’s there was not a skull piece in the way as they removed the smashed brain parts.
What was not so lucky for the “DOCS” was that they had to staple my skull back onto my head after my brain had stopped swelling
and they they had to staple my back together from removing my left lung.

Even more bizarre was that they had to listen to a crazy man speaking with no brain function as I came out of my coma. ONE YEAR LATER! I found my painted body on the side of the road (during re-hab).

I REALLY have to admire the courage of these doctors.

They were not pleased when one of my best friends showed up at the hospital and the unimaginable happened.
I was in a dentist type chair and they sat me up and this bone popped through my left lung. That witness has that testimony but I myself was busy in Jesus Christ’s Kingdom.
I can also testify that my friend did not enjoy that.

There is a WHOLE ton of stuff about going through death and back to life but the Lord has called someone else to record these things.

This is the best I can offer from testimony during this day:

I have died 3 times. I was successfully resuscitated twice.

The THIRD time I actually had to choose to come back here through the tunnel.

I am here to testify that NO "soul" or "spirit" would ever choose to come back to earth unless they had a REALLY good reason to do so.


It was a very "personal choice" to stay there or come back.
I came back by personal choice for a very specific reason that I am unable to share at this moment.
But since God brought me back here, He also assigned me more work to do.
There is MUCH more not disclosed because THIS IS REAL and God has assigned somebody else to write it.

The heavens of the things I have seen are beyond the ability for flesh to see.
All I can do is try to describe it.

So there I am, dead on the side of the road without a human witness. When I had chosen to return to life on earth, my first question was "How did this happen?"
There was simply no way to discover this guy lying bleeding to death on the side of the road,
in that dark and rain-filled night on a hill.

Well, the cops and medics speak that there was someone right there as it happened.
I, however never saw anyone before impact. The angel called 911 ASAP and told them that I was there and blood was everywhere and HURRY UP!
(Google the photo’s of the entire shutdown of the road).

Police and medics searched for this mysterious caller but were never found.

This is but of MANY of angels around me.

That was the last thing I remember about THAT game…(Proverbs 24:16).
May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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