Are you really READY for the BIG-TIME?
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
Once again, we were undefeated headed into the game with the wolverines.

It’s all the same story as each season before, but this year they had a "GIANT" of a man.

His fist was as big as my head. I had never seen so large a creature in my entire life.
Nothing on earth ever gave me pause, I was without fear.

Since God was before me, what could this guy do?

Well, for one thing, he could talk some REALLY potent smack. But I had my playbook.
John 14:13 is an AWESOME play call.
John 14:14 is the “Rock” backing it up!

Was I too smart for my own good?
What was the VERY NEXT PLAY CALL? John 14:15!

You know, sometimes we might not pay attention to some of the rules
in Coaches handbook and we break a few of them, take the penalty for the 15 yards and move on.

Grace is a wonderful gift, but be aware of its abuse! I could hear a very faint voice saying “IF you love me, you WILL keep my commands”.

Something seemed cozily attractive and refreshing about talking my own smack right back at him.

That faint voice quietly faded away as my tongue engaged the “enemy” (he thinks he is some kind of tough guy).

It is plausible to grasp that John 14:15 was a MUCH easier play call than the RESULTING penalty found in: (2 Timothy 2:23-26).

It’s the FIRST PLAY of the game and…and.., well…, that’s the last thing I remember about THAT game…(Proverbs 24:16).

So, what happened next?... Not sure, so I’ll let the announcers describe it:

The sports announcers begin...

“The Wolverines win the kickoff and will start on “offense” from their own 20 yard line...”
Then continue... “Look at the size of that monster at the line of scrimmage…

WAIT a minute!!!

The BIG man has jumped straight up and over the line of scrimmage… he’s heading straight over…wait… hold on…OHHHHHH, he just punched a player in the side of the head with his fist. I can’t see who it is… His helmet flew off and is lying about 666 yards away…ohhhh noooo, he’s not moving, flags are everywhere!

Coach is running onto the field waving In the "Medical Crew"… There is a long and quiet time out while I am removed from the field of play.

Then the announcers continue... "I really hate to see players lose their heads like that…it’s so sad…"


“Well, back to the “game”. The BIG man has been ejected from the game…and the Wolverines continue on “offense” from their own 5 yard line after the penalty…

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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