Are you really READY for the BIG-TIME?
I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
Same old recovery processes, but even longer this time.
I was out for 2 seasons with what could have been a career ending injury.

However, a lot of work, study, “counseling”, rehab and working out helped me keep moving forward.

Coach gave me courage.

He kept telling me over and over again, “Don’t quit! You are NOT a QUITTER. DON’T GIVE UP!

I didn’t want to give up.

I didn’t want to quit.
But I was really starting to wonder how much I really liked my career anymore.

Thoughts of going back to school and studying to become a professional “basket weaver” suddenly sounded like it could be a pleasant career.

Besides, a lot of my friends became professional “couch potatoes” and seemed to enjoy watching me get smacked down on TV (Proverbs 18:8, Proverbs 20:19).

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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