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I.C.U. ???
Season 2
I.C.U. - Again!
Season 5
Game Over?
Where Am I?
I ... QUIT!
Our flyers are currently in process... and shortly available for download.

The flyers help those of us who discover people
who are suffering or hurting no matter
where we go and not really sure what to say.

The flyers are just a simple way to tell somebody that this website might be helpful to them.

People are looking for answers, and might be in need of
something helpful "On Quick Notice!"

Genuine people with genuine smiles and love
are just what the Doctor ordered.
Let people know that God
really does love them.

We ALL speak to hurting or suffering people.

Flyers make it easier for folks that are new at
helping people who are in pain.

If you have your own flyer ideas that you would like to share,
please contact us.

May the Lord Bless "ALL" who are able to receive this message.

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